Some medical remedies with star anise

Star anise can be considered a familiar spice in pho in Vietnam, boiled with water to make broth, giving a fragrance similar to pepper. In Oriental medicine, star anise fruit is used to make medicine, which is effective in treating colds, bad breath, stomach and intestinal contractions, pain relief, antiseptic, …

1. Name – Type

Other names: Repatriation, Hui, Tai Vi
Scientific name: Illicium verum
Family: belong to star anise family (Illiciaceae)

2. Ecological characteristics

+ Description:

Star anise is a woody tree, perennial, when mature, trees about 6 – 10 meters high, divided into many branches. Branches have smooth bark, easy to break, young when green, turn brown in brown. Leaves alternate, thick, hard, smooth blade, about 8-12 cm long, 3-4 cm wide. The flowers grow individually under the leaf axils, with large and short stems. Star anise seed is a double fruit, consisting of 6-8 or more seeds, arranged in star or flower shape, young green sometimes and turning brown when old, with a sharp tip.

+ Distribution:

Star anise is grown in many provinces in China such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Van Nam, Fujian, … Star anise has been acclimated to Vietnam but has not been developed much in provinces such as Cao Bang, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bac Can, Thai Nguyen, …

3. Parts used, collected, processed, preserved

+ Parts used:

Use the fruit and fruit essential oils (fresh or dried) of star anise for medicinal purposes, as the fruit contains medicinal properties.

+ Harvesting:

Harvest when fruits mature, time is around July – September and November – December.

+ Processing:

After harvesting the star anise, remove the seeds inside only take the outer shell for processing, wash them, then dry them for 3-4 days of sunshine.

+ Preservation:

Store in a cool place, store in tightly sealed to avoid moisture or hook.

4. Chemical composition

Ingredients in star anise

5. Taste

Star anise is sweet, spicy, fragrant and warm.

6. Pharmacological effects

+ According to modern pharmacological research:

In modern pharmacology, star anise has been studied by researchers and concluded the effect of star anise:
Inhibiting intestinal fermentation, causing flatulence, long sputum
AIDS digestion
Beneficial milk
Soothe stomach aches, intestinal pain
Aromatic substances in toothpaste

+ According to Traditional Medicine:

In Oriental medicine, star anise is used to make medicines because in this medicinal herb, it has the effect of:
Relieve colic, flatulence, bloating
Cure for vomiting
Relieve rheumatism
Support digestion, appetite
Relieve rheumatic pains
Pain relief
Cure poisoning
Cure enuresis
Cure tinea and scabies

8. Usage – Dosage

Star anise is mainly used to extract water and spread mainly fine powder. Or can be used in addition to soaking alcohol to cure aches and pains.
The dosage used is 4 – 8 grams per day for decoction form and 1 – 4 grams for powder form.

9. Prescription

Some remedies for back pain, colds, rheumatoid arthritis, bad breath, bad breath, … from star anise. Readers can refer to:
In Oriental medicine, star anise has sweet, spicy, warmth, works to treat rheumatoid arthritis, colds, bad breath, pain, …
Remedy for colds and stomach aches: Using star anise to spread fine powder, use 2 grams/time with warm wine, drink 3-4 times a day. Or you can use star anise seed oil, use 4 drops/time, drink 3-4 times a day.
Remedies cure bad breath, uncomfortable breathing: Using modern chewing and swallowing several wings a day.
The remedy for going outside is not beneficial: Using 2 grams of anise along with 8 grams of sponges to spread into fine powder. Use 4 grams for each drink with ginger juice.
Remedy for back pain: Use star anise (remove seeds), soak or soak with diluted morning water, remove and drain. Use 6 – 10 grams with alcohol. In addition to medication, it should be combined with the use of mugwort leaves to ease the back pain.
Remedy for rheumatoid arthritis: Use some almonds cooked or reheated with water and use every day as tea.

10. Note

Some notes when using star anise as a treatment for disease:
Star anise is contraindicated for people who are allergic or sensitive to some of the ingredients in this herb.
Those who are damaged, fire and prosperity cannot use it to treat illness.
It is forbidden to abuse star anise during treatment, just use the right dose, do not overdo it. Overdose causes symptoms such as poisoning, tremors, intoxication, brain and lung congestion, and can lead to seizures such as seizures.
Pregnant and lactating women should consult a physician or physician before use.

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