Amazing effects of star anise and white vinegar

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White vinegar and star anise are familiar spices in the kitchen, but few people know, apart from the cooking uses, the combination of vinegar when soaking the star anise creates amazing effects.
Combining vinegar and star anise will bring many effects to our lives.
Put some star anise flowers in a bowl, then pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar. White vinegar must completely fill the star anise for the best effect.
Then cover the bowl with a plastic film to seal the top of the bowl. Take a toothpick and poke some small holes in the plastic. After soaking, the emitted odor is effectively released through the holes.
Next, we’ll wait for what is the specific ‘magic’ use of star anise and vinegar bowl?

1. Eliminate the smell of the refrigerator

Because food that is usually placed in the refrigerator will have some odor in it. When you put a bowl of white vinegar soaked in the star anise in the refrigerator, it will help deodorize food, remove odors in the refrigerator and play a very good disinfecting role.
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2. Repel cockroaches and insects

Cooking areas in the kitchen often have oily smoke, so it is easy to attract cockroaches and bugs to grow, especially in cupboards. Use a bowl of vinegar-soaked in star anise in the cupboard. The smell of vinegar and star anise scares cockroaches and bugs so they will stay away. In addition to its insect repellant effect, star anise and vinegar combination also plays an effective antiseptic role.

3. Prevent mosquitoes from windows

Summer is coming and the mosquitoes are going out to “get on”. If you don’t want mosquitoes in your home, use homemade star anise seed soaked white vinegar to repel mosquitoes.
Just put a bowl of white vinegar soaked in the star anise on the window vents, and flies and mosquitoes won’t fly inside.
With the leftovers that we still use and keep eating, you can also use a bowl of vinegar soaked in star anise to effectively prevent flies and mosquitoes from contaminating the food.
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4. Eliminate shoes stink:

You can also peel off the plastic film, pour white vinegar soaked in star anise on a paper towel, and place it directly in the shoe, which will help eliminate odors quickly. Because white vinegar can effectively disinfect and also effectively prevent the creation of foot odor.


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