Answer questions about star anise essential oil

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1. Is star anise essential oil good?

With all-natural ingredients, standard production processes, and thorough research and good results, we confirm the excellent quality of star anise essential oil products. Products will bring great experience to you.
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2. Does star anise oil have side effects?

There have been no reports of any unexpected effects on the product. The product is completely extracted from ingredients derived from nature, so the absence of side effects of star anise essential oil is completely understandable. So you can safely use it.
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3. Should star anise oil be used for infants or pregnant women?

The product is not harmful to all ages. However, for infants and pregnant women should be careful when using because they are sensitive subjects. If any abnormal signs such as itching occur, irritation should stop using and seek medical attention.
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4. How much does star anise oil cost?

The price of star anise seed essential oil currently is about 50,000 VND per 10ml bottle. Do not buy bottles of essential oils that are unusually cheap compared to the actual market price to ensure the quality that the product gives users.
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5. How to buy star anise oil?

Currently in the market of anise oil products are widely distributed, you can find products at retail pharmacies nationwide. However, do not choose to buy products too indiscriminately. Look for reputable establishments to buy quality products.

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