Beauty therapies with Star anise

star anise
Star anise has a scientific name is lllicium verum or also has many different names such as star anise seed, agarwood, or octagonal repatriates,  originated from China. The mature tree is from 6 to 10 meters high, with large straight branches and staggered leaves. Dual fruits are star-shaped and are usually harvested around June-September. This is a common plant in East Asia.
In our country, star anise is grown in the Northeastern provinces such as Lang Son, Cao Bang … Star anise (star anise fruit) contains a lot of essential oils. Through the distillation process, the essential oil is liquid, light yellow or colorless and has a characteristic aroma. The leaves of star anise also contain essential oils, but the density is lower than in star anise fruit.
So far, star anise oil has been known for its many uses ranging from making spices to preparing dishes to treat common illnesses such as colds, runny nose, and sugar-related diseases. gastrointestinal, osteoarthritis, or skin diseases. In addition, star anise oil is also used in the technology of making wine, soft drinks, and confectionery flavors.
As for beauty, star anise essential oil has been fully utilized in being a valuable medicinal herb for pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing industries.
For women who have a passion for beauty, to maintain youthful, smooth skin, many people spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics or resort to injections. chemicals, but eventually lost money but still bring disability.
Instead of spending money on spa and beauty salons, why not try a facial treatment with star anise essential oil. A beautiful, smooth skin needs perseverance, patient daily care. Besides removing makeup, washing your face, all you need to do is steam to help the skin clear and deep clean. Star anise essential oil has a great effect on the skin.
star anise

1. Steam face

How to perform a facial with star anise oil is also very easy. You need to prepare a basin of hot water, then add a few drops of star anise essential oil to the pot, use a large towel to cover the face so that the hot steam and essential oil gradually go deep inside to clean the dirt in the pores hair. Then, use toner to tighten the pores.
You can also use a few other herbs in combination with anise oil to achieve the best skincare effect. A week, you should apply this method of steaming with essential oils from 1-2 times. Apply regularly, you will see the skin improved and become bright white, smooth.

2. Dilute and apply to skin

In addition to using star anise oil to steam your face, there are many ways such as drinking star anise essential oil or applying it directly to the skin, but in the process of beautifying the skin with star anise essential oil, there are a few things to note:
While star anise essential oil is extracted from nature, benign because it does not contain toxic chemicals, but to achieve good results and not allergic to the skin, you should not use star anise oil applied directly to the skin.
Most essential oils have a hot spicy flavor and star anise oil is no exception. To avoid burning, should dilute star anise essential oil with essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil … then apply on the skin.
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Apply a little to the wrist and watch for 24 hours to see if you really fit this essential oil, avoid skin allergies, especially the weak, fragile and sensitive skin.
Need to clean the oily skin, avoid applying anise oil to other ointments, both losing the effect of the oil and can even cause side effects between the substances. 

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