Functions and applications of essential star anise oil

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Star anise is a precious herb that has been used in Oriental medicine for thousands of years to make spices, deodorize, kill bacteria, reduce stress, and sedate.
The star anise is dark brown in color and has a characteristic warm aroma. Pure star anise oil is distilled from the star anise and carries the full benefits of this herb. In each drop of star anise oil, there are 20 different compounds that provide many applications.
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1. Antiseptic:

Star anise oil is an antiseptic with superior properties. You can use diluted star anise oil and apply it to open wounds to kill bacteria. In addition, star anise oil is capable of stopping bleeding very well, helping to reduce swelling, helping to relieve pain in locations such as back pain, shoulder aches, neck pain, osteoarthritis pain, …
In addition, you drink diluted essential oils to inhibit bacteria, fight intestinal bacteria. Besides, essential star anise oil also has the ability to disinfect the respiratory tract. You can use an essential oil aroma machine to diffuse essential star anise oil in the room, helping to disinfect and disinfect the air.

2. Deodorizing:

One of the effects of star anise oil is deodorizing, antiseptic. The special scent of star anise oil will help you treat bad breath, foot odor, … For bad breath, you should brush your teeth with star anise oil. If you have foot odor, you should soak your feet in hot water mixed with 1-2 drops of star anise oil.

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3. Digestive support:

For indigestion, star anise essential oil works as a medicine to stimulate bowel movements, support good digestion, support gas treatment, indigestion, vomiting, treat stomach pain, intestinal pain when the intestines and stomach contract too hard. To treat indigestion, you should flower 1-2 drops of star anise oil in cold water and drink it directly.

4. Stress relief, sedative:

Star anise essential oil brings a refreshing and relaxing spirit to the user. Body massage with star anise oil helps you to have smooth skin, blood vessels in the body are circulated more easily, more breathable.

5. Cold treatment:

Star anise has a spicy, hot taste, so according to folk remedies, star anise has the effect of keeping the body warm, supporting typhoid treatment, cold treatment, … For the treatment of the above diseases, people often mix star anise oil with water to drink.
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6. Cough and expectorant treatment:

Star anise also has the ability to treat diseases related to the respiratory tract such as cough, asthma, expectorant, and sore throat.


Although using star anise oil will be more convenient than using ordinary star anise flowers, but since the pure essential oil is a concentrated product, it is also necessary to take some precautions during use.
– Because essential oils have hot properties, it is absolutely hungry not to directly contact the human body such as drinking or applying on wounds but need to dilute with water or carrier oil before use.
– Especially absolutely do not let essential oils stick to the eyes because it can cause corneal burns leading to blindness.

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