Great effects of Star anise essential oil on human well-being

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1. Good effect on the respiratory system

Star anise oil has an effective effect on the respiratory system thanks to its chemical composition that prevents the invasion of bacteria. As a result, this helps the respiratory system is always healthy, avoiding pathogens. In addition, star anise oil is also used in the treatment of diseases: wind cough, asthma, dry cough. In particular, star anise oil is very helpful for people with sore throat, frequent discomfort, chronic coughing.

2. Digestive system improving

Star anise seed essential oil helps to keep the digestive system stable thanks to its warmth. Moreover, it also helps ameliorate the performance of the digestive system, increasing peristalsis and against some symptoms such as dysentery, nausea, indigestion or diarrhea.

3. Great effect on disinfecting wounds

Star anise essential oil has strong properties in treating skin diseases, bacterial infections, and disinfectants, helping the body in healthy functioning such as respiratory system, digestive system. In addition, star anise oil also helps improve the immune system, resistance in a very safe method without causing side effects.
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4. Miraculous analgesic effect

The essential oil works well in reducing pain and anti-inflammatory. They have a good use in the treatment of back pain, osteoarthritis, body pain, abdominal pain, headache.
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5. Sneaking in with star anise essential oil, a small matter!

Star anise seed essential oil helps the body warm-up thanks to its heat, relaxation and calming body. Not only that, but people also use star anise oil with a number of functions such as treating typhoid, colds, or fever.

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6. The characteristic scent has a relaxing value

Star anise essential oil not only brings benefits to the human body, but its fragrance is very specific. Works to relax, eliminate harmful bacteria around your environment – pathogens. In addition, people also use star anise essential oil to massage the body, helping to relieve pain, relax, bring a spirit of comfort. A number of recent studies also show that star anise oil is effective in stimulating milk flow, milk production and supporting bad breath treatment.
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7. Stimulate appetite

Star anise seed essential oil is used in cuisine to eliminate the fishy smell and odor when processing dishes and to create the flavor for the dish to make it more attractive and delicious. Enjoying food with star anise flavor, you will feel the specific flavor of it.
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8. Cleansing pores

Facial cleansing with star anise seed oil is also very effective. Each week you just need to use star anise oil to steam your face to help wash away the dirt under the pores, leaving the skin open. Note, you only charge 1-2 times a week, do not use too often.
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