How to make star anise oil at home ?

Making star anise oil is actually not complicated as many people think. This process only requires a bit of dexterity and skill, the important thing that you also need is time and passion.
To make it easier for you to imagine, we will explore together how to make star anise oil from simple materials (including fresh oranges, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, pepper). The basic method is as follows:

+ Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

You need to prepare fresh oranges, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, pepper. These ingredients can be purchased at dry food stores, specialized drug stores. Regarding equipment, you should have dark glass jars and small pots ready.


+ Step 2: Carry out the preparation of making star foanise oil

Rinse oranges, cut into slices, leave the skin, put in the pot with cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cleaned pepper. Then you flood the ingredients, simmer to get the juice. If you put a lot of ingredients, you should add plenty of water to prevent the pot from drying out, burning the ingredients leads to get the unexpected product.
Just watch for about 30 to 40 minutes to get the essential oil you need. Of course, this time period is not fixed, you need to adjust to the amount based on the type of materials used. Another small note is that you need to simmer, avoiding boiling to create foam which will adversely affect the quality of essential oils.

+ Step 3: Preserve and use

After boiling the above mentioned essential oil mixture, wait for it to cool completely and pour into a dark glass jar. This product is best left in the refrigerator compartment for long-term use. If you do not have a refrigerator, you should store in a cool, airy, dry place, temperature from 18 to 22 degrees, avoid direct sunlight from the sun.
When you need to use, you need to pour into a smaller vial, avoiding taking directly from the vial, easily affecting the quality of the essential oil. Another note is that handmade essential oil does not last long, only about 3 – 6 months so you should pay attention to this to avoid using the stale essential oils.
Although the way to make star anise oil at home is quite simple, easy to implement, you can be assured of the quality. However, this product has certain disadvantages such as time consuming, effort, sometimes It’s hard to find all kinds of ingredients. Moreover, handmade essential oils are short-lived, and their quality is not as good as the ones obtained by distillation. Therefore, if you find a reputable distributor of essential oils, you should buy instead of making it at home.
On windy days, when being tired, aches, and pains, a few drops of star anise essential oil are extremely efficient medicine. Learning how to make star anise oil is not difficult, with just a few basic steps, you can create a good medicine for the whole family. This is an indispensable medicine in every family’s medicine cabinet.

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