How to make Star anise powder

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How to make star anise powder is not that difficult, just requires you have to be careful and persistent a little. We would like to share the most common way of making star anise powder.
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Step 1

To complete the product, you must be meticulous from the stage of selecting ingredients. The star anise that is chosen for making powder must be a large one, not too young, but rather ripe and of a certain age.
8 wings star anise should be chosen for the best quality. Choose the star anise that you can smell the ecstatic scent, the inherent natural scent of anise. The star anise must ensure that all of the above factors meet the standards so that the finished product will be as expected.

Step 2

After selecting a sufficient number of star anise, you should let them all expose to the sun to dry naturally. You should not dry them technologically because this will cause the star anise to overdry, when making pigments, it will not be beautiful. If you have time, let the sun help you dry the star anise.

Step 3

The next step in making star anise is very simple. You only need to sift through the dust and debris of star anise. In the process of moving, sun drying is difficult to avoid the lost star anise, because the star anise is in the wild so the dirt will creep and cling to them. This step is necessary to ensure the cleanness of the star anise when completed.
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Step 4

When the drying is done, put them in the machine to grind them, if the amount of anise is too large, you can split and grind several times until you can make sure everything is crushed. If the powder is pureed, the powder will be smooth and not piggy.
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Step 5

Finally, after the star anise is crushed, you just need to close it into a bag, wrap it tightly. The more tightly wrapped, the longer the fragrance will keep. To preserve aniseed powder in the best condition, you should put it in glass containers and in a cool place, not moldy, avoid direct sunlight from the sun.

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