Instructions to use star anise oil effectively

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For a long time, star anise has played a role as one of the spicy flavors in some daily dishes of Vietnamese people. But perhaps few people know that this flower is also a valuable remedy that has the ability to support effective treatment and bring many health benefits. Therefore, many people start the habit of using star anise oil as a way to support healing. So do you know how to use this essential oils to improve health properly?

1. The amazing benefits of star anise oil

According to several studies on star anise, star anise-extract of star anise essential oil has the function of extremely quick and effective pain relief. For falls that are thin, scratched and bruised with just a few drops of star anise oil, it can effectively disinfect wounds, reduce pain caused by swelling and especially fast hemostatic use there.
Not only is the medicine aiding the healing of wounds, but the star anise oil product is also a digestive medicine for many people. If you’re experiencing indigestion that makes your stomach feel like cramping, bloating, bloating, and nausea, a bit of star anise essential oil will help you improve and digest it more easily.
Antibacterial, the antifungal ability of star anise essential oil helps prevent and treat skin diseases such as tinea, eczema …
Usage: Use directly or mixed with conductor oil (coconut oil, olive oil …) and apply to affected areas 1 to 2 times for treatment. In addition, you can mix 3 to 4 drops of star anise essential oil in a bath to soak to help sterilize and deep clean the skin, prevent skin problems.
Star anise seed oil has a stimulating effect on the nerves and relaxes the mind with its characteristic scent.
How to use: Put star anise essential oil in an oil burner to light the room, the aroma helps relax and helps deodorize the air.
Some people have a habit of using star anise essential oil to help calm and a well sleep.
amazing benefits of star anise oil

2. How to use star anise oil you should refer to

Although currently on the market, star anise essential oil products are not difficult to find and choose to buy. However, in reality, many people are using it the wrong way. Therefore the effectiveness of this essential oil is usually not high or sometimes counterproductive. A few simple notes you should refer to when using this essential oil include:
  • Do not apply pure star anise oil to the skin directly. You should mix star anise oil with water or base oil if you want to apply it on your skin.
  • Do not drink pure star anise essential oil. You should mix star anise oil with water to drink and treat.
  • Should try a little essential oil on the skin before use by star anise oil can cause allergies to sensitive skin.
  • Star anise oil should be put in dark bottles to avoid the direct sunlight, reducing the quality of star anise oil.
  • In case you suffer from the effects of eating spicy food, it is best not to use star anise to support the treatment of this disease because it will cause burning and discomfort.
anise essential oil in daily life
Hopefully, with the information about the use of anise oil in daily life as well as some notes when using anise oil that we have mentioned above you will have more experience in protecting health. healthy yourself and your family.

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