Lang Son star anise – investment opportunities for entrepreneurs.

lang son star anise investment opportunities for entrepreneurs vietnam star anise.
Star nise tree (Illicium verum Hook. F) is one of the specialties of high economic value in Lang Son province. Star anise oil is a product distilled from the leaves, fruits and seeds, but mainly from the fruit. This is a valuable ingredient in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Star nise oil is also used to produce Tamiflu – a medicine to treat flu, especially influenza A / H1N1, H5N1, and H3N2,  processing of massage, endocrine and digestive drugs. In addition, it is also used to process high-quality cosmetics, to make spices and yeast.
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The main export products of Lang Son province is Vietnam star anise

Star anise is distributed in a narrow ecological region of the world, can only be grown in an area of ​​Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan provinces of China and part of an area of ​​Lang Son, Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Quang Ninh, Bach Thong in Vietnam. Star anise in Lang Son has the best essential oil quality in the world and is well known as “Hoi An Lang”. Lang Son has planted 33,400 hectares of ” star anise ” forest, accounting for 71% of the country’s total area of ​​star anise forest. The output of dried star anise (anise) reached over 6,500 tons in 2010, bringing an export value of about 600 – 650 billion VND / year and become one of the main export products of Lang Son province.
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Currently, Lang Son – Vietnam star anise have not found an official and stable output market. Star anise flower products are currently circulating freely in the market, traders come to the forest door to buy and force farmers’ prices, and star anise flower has to go through many intermediaries to reach consumers. The economic status of the star anise growers is quite low, the price fluctuates erratically, affecting the sustainable development of star anise. Through consideration shows that the main reason is due to the relationship between the 4 parts: State – Entrepreneur – Scientist – Farmers have not ensured the uniform development, the link between the 4 houses is not really true and rigid.
In recent years, Lang Son province has been invested from the state budget to build infrastructure and support the development of products for the agricultural and rural areas from the Programs: National Goals, 135, 134, 661, 12o, etc and completed the registration of origin of Lang Son star anise. Currently, the State has many supportive and preferential policies to encourage enterprises to invest in the agricultural and rural areas such as: policies on land, tax, credit, science, technology, and mining, human resource creation, price subsidy, freight subsidy, etc.
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Health benefits of Vietnam star anise

Regarding scientists, there are also many domestic and foreign scientists studying and giving many useful research results on different angles of star anise, from ecological and biological properties to pests and diseases. Especially, Lang Son Department of Science and Technology is cooperating with Guangxi Forest Science Institute – China for 3 years (2010 – 2012) to research and transfer science and technology to increase the output of star anise in the province 3 times the current output.
Star anise growers are always more aware of the economic value of star anise tree than many other crops. The price of 1 kg of star anise is now about 10 times higher than rice and 15 times higher than corn. On the other hand, the investment capital is small, only has to be planted once but harvested for a hundred years, less damaged by pests and diseases, people have a lot of experience in planting, tending, harvesting and preserving star anise. However, the fluctuating prices make farmers not feel secure in developing star anise forest.
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Currently, Lang Son province has not any enterprises to invest in building distillation and processing factories or signed contracts on the consumption of star anise flowers for farmers. This is really a good investment opportunity that is left open to entrepreneurs. Enterprises participating in investment will not have to build raw material areas, enjoy many preferential policies, investment support, and scientific research achievements. If the enterprise ensures a stable output for the star anise flower, farmers will feel secure in developing the Anise and Lang Son forest to become not only the largest area of ​​the star anise flower material in the country but also the largest in the world.

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