Lang Son – The Main Star Anise Planting Zone in Viet Nam

vietnam star anise
For a long time, growing and selling star anise has become the main occupation of numerous people in Lang. High soil fertility, good drainage capacity, cool year-round climate, .. are favorable conditions for Lang Son to make star anise a spearhead in a socio-economic development strategy.

The appellation of origin of goods “Lang Son star anise”

Although star anise is grown in many provinces and cities nationwide: Quang Ninh, Bac Can, .. but star anise has become a trademark associated with Lang land. It is reported that Lang Son star anise production accounts for more than 70% of star anise production nationwide. Currently, the recovered area in Lang Son is up to 35,000 ha, 57.14% of the area during the harvest period, generating sales of 200 – 300 billion per year. The whole province has more than 15,000 households. Not only serving the domestic market, but Lang Son is also exported to foreign markets, especially countries in Eastern Europe. In general, growing and selling dried star anise is one of the main occupations of the people of Lang.
With the desire to build Lang Anise star anise brand, Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee has asked the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department to permit the use of the appellation of origin of goods “Lang Son star anise”. Currently, only when the People’s Committee of Lang Son province agrees, businesses, organizations and individuals can use this brand.
Besides, the provincial Party Committee and the Lang Son government have also made many other positive moves. Specifically, the province has issued an action plan to develop the star anise value chain in the period of 2015-2020, with a vision to 2030. In addition, the province also has strategic links with domestic organizations and businesses as well as foreign:
  • Receive support from the Dutch Development organization in the 2013 Spices of Life project
  • Enhancing cooperation and trade with countries: India, Korea, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, USA …
  • Building close relationships between farmers and businesses throughout the process of growing and selling anise

Promoting the image of Vietnam Star Anise in the international markets.

Most notably, the project “Promoting the spice industry to eradicate hunger and alleviate poverty in ethnic minority communities in Lang Son province” was carried out by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and China; the Department of Science and Technology of the province. This project was implemented on 28 hectares in Dong Giap commune, Van Quan district.
Parallel with the above activity, the People’s Committee of Van Quan district in collaboration with the Association of Lang Son SX, CB & KDH organized Hoi Lang Hoi festival with the purpose of introducing anise of Lang origin to consumers, promoting the image in the international markets.
Make a strategic plan to develop Lang Anise star anise in order to improve the material and spiritual life for farmers who grow and sell star anise. These practical actions have helped Lang Son widely promote the star anise brand to domestic and international consumers. Now when it comes to star anise and anise, Lang Son is the first-named land. People in Lang have a stable source of income from the forest each year, overcoming the period of hardship when prices rise and fall erratically, many communes and districts in Lang Son have successfully eradicated poverty reduction thanks to star anise.
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Although initially establishing a brand and building trust among consumers, Lang Son province needs to have more practical solutions, such as:
  • Promulgating appropriate mechanisms and policies to create favorable conditions for people to plant and sell star anise
  • Enhancing exchanges, cooperation and exchange of experience between star anise growers, domestic and international businesses
  • Promote market linkages in a sustainable way to enhance the value of Lang Anise’s wings and stabilize prices.
  • Encouraging farmers to apply science and technology, restricting export of raw starches, instead of processed products such as star anise oil.
  • Create a strong relationship between the State – farmers – scientists – businesses
  • Gradually shift the local economic structure towards industrialization, modernization and international integration.


Vietnam Star Anise – A key export product of Lang Son

With these practical solutions, Lang Son surely can develop the branch of growing and selling anise more. In the coming time, if it goes in the right direction, it will become a key export product of Lang Son province in particular and the whole country in general. We can be proud to see images of Vietnamese star anise reaching out all over the world.
Lang Son is a province located on the border, good trade conditions, soil, a climate suitable for cold-loving plants such as cauliflower, cauliflower, latter, cinnamon, star anise, .. If you know how to take advantage of The inherent advantage that nature offers, Lang Son will make great strides in socio-economic development, promoting the planting and selling star anise to become a key occupation, generating a large source of income every year.

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