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News of Star Anise

Where to buy Star anise in Viet Nam?

Where star anise is sold with the best quality, worth the money, the effect as expected initially is the concern of the majority of consumers today. The effect of star anise would be affected much if consumers cannot find a truly prestigious supply. The tiny star anise can bring a lot of benefits in life: […]

What does Star anise taste like?

1. What is star anise? Star anise, also known as staranise, star anise seed, which in Chinese means “eight wings,” is a spice-scented plant similar to anise, obtained from the fruit pod, year-round greenery native to China and northeastern Vietnam. Characteristics of star anise Average tree, 6-10m tall, with a straight, large stem, smooth straight […]

Star anise tree

1. Plant characteristics and distribution Trees 6 – 10m high. Straight branches make the tree slim and narrow foliage. Staggered leaves but often grow close to form fake loops, 4-6 leaves. Whether the leaves are elongated or oval-shaped raw edges are wavy or not. Leaves are easy to fall off branches if cut off leaves. […]

Lang Son – the main star anise planting zone in Viet Nam

For a long time, growing and selling star anise has become the main occupation of numerous people in Lang. High soil fertility, good drainage capacity, cool year-round climate, .. are favorable conditions for Lang Son to make star anise a spearhead in a socio-economic development strategy. Although star anise is grown in many provinces and […]

Vietnam successfully extracted shikimic acid from star anise

Experts at the Institute of Chemistry of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have successfully studied the process of extracting shikimic acid from star anise to synthesize oseltamivir. If Roche has not yet granted a production concession to Vietnam, Vietnam will trade shikimic acid – the main ingredient of oseltamivir – for Tamiflu. Dr. Nguyen […]

Star anise and Anise

The world of spices in cuisine is extremely diverse and rich. Not only that, but many spices also have English names that make many people confused. 1. Star anise What is star anise? Star anise is star anise seed, a spice that is commonly used in the culinary world from cooking to baking. This is […]

How to identify high-standard Star anise essential oils

Essential oils not only bring fragrance but also aid the treatment of some common diseases. However, if accidentally choose to have impurities essential oils will harm health. How to identify high-standard pure essential oils? 1. Health affected if choosing poor quality essential oil Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Con, (Faculty of Chemistry, Hanoi National University) said […]

How to identify Star anise with the best quality when buying

1. What is star anise? In fact, the name star anise is not like people think. Originally star anise is shaped like a flower so people call it star anise. In fact, “star anise” is a product of the star anise crystallization. Many places also call star anise with some other unique names such as […]

Comparison of Fennel and Star anise

1. Star anise Description: Missed tree, 6-10m high. The body is straight and big, smooth straight branches. It turns brownish brown when young. Leaves alternate, thick, thick, hard, brittle, glossy, 8-12cm long, 3-4cm wide, lanceolate or oblate eggs, slightly tapering, greener on the upper surface than the lower one. Flowers grow solitary in leaf axils, […]

Some medical remedies with star anise

Star anise can be considered a familiar spice in pho in Vietnam, boiled with water to make broth, giving a fragrance similar to pepper. In Oriental medicine, star anise fruit is used to make medicine, which is effective in treating colds, bad breath, stomach and intestinal contractions, pain relief, antiseptic, … 1. Name – Type […]