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News of Star Anise

Instructions to use star anise essential oil effectively

For a long time, star anise has played a role as one of the spicy flavors in some daily dishes of Vietnamese people. But perhaps few people know that this flower is also a valuable remedy that has the ability to support effective treatment and bring many health benefits. Therefore, many people start the habit […]

Beauty therapies with Star anise

Star anise has a scientific name is lllicium verum or also has many different names such as star anise seed, agarwood, or octagonal repatriates,  originated from China. The mature tree is from 6 to 10 meters high, with large straight branches and staggered leaves. Dual fruits are star-shaped and are usually harvested around June-September. This […]

Origin and flavor of Star anise

1. Origin: Star Anise is the seed of the Illicium verum tree. Lllicium verum has Vietnamese names: Dai Hoi, Dai An Huong, Bat Giac Hoi, star anise or Tai Vi. Lllicium verum is a famous year-round green spice plant with a very special aroma, it is native to China and northeastern Vietnam. The star-shaped fruits […]

Features of star anise – a treasure of Lang Son locals

Lang Son star anise is considered by many people to be a valuable product of Lang country, recognized as a geographical indication of the province, a pride when it affirms its position in the marketplace. 1. Name Star anise also is known as Great Anise, Octagonal incense, Great anise, Anise star, Anise 8 wings. The […]

Star anise – a natural ingredient in bad breath treatment

Star anise has long been regarded as a folk medicine that can cure many diseases. Many people also use star anise cure bad breath. So how true this story is, let’s find out in this article. 1. Where does bad breath come from?   There are many causes of bad breath, from yourself and from […]

The effect of star anise alcohol

Star anise wine is soaked from white wine (glutinous wine) with anise flowers. The effect of star anise wine is applied to massage limbs, cure rheumatism. 1. The use of star anise Star anise has been used as a spice for food and medicine for thousands of years in our country as well as in […]

How to preserve the star anise at the best quality

According to star anise farmers in Van Quan district (Lang Son), star anise is a specialty of Lang and is the main crop of the local people. For generations, star anise has been feeding for many families. In the memories of the locals, star anise is familiar like the companion of his life. Because their […]

What is Star anise? 4 benefits of star anise seeds

1. General information about star anise Star Anise seed is a spice made from the fruit of anise that originated from China. It tastes almost like licorice. Anise is known not only for its unique flavor in the field of cuisine but also for its medicinal benefits. 2. Nutrition ingredients in star anise seeds Some […]

Answer questions about star anise essential oil

1. Is star anise essential oil good? With all-natural ingredients, standard production processes, and thorough research and good results, we confirm the excellent quality of star anise essential oil products. Products will bring great experience to you. 2. Does star anise oil have side effects? There have been no reports of any unexpected effects on […]

5 health benefits of star anise seeds

People often know star anise seed as a spice to use in dishes. However, in fact, star anise has many other beneficial effects on health. Staranise, or Pimpinella anisum, is a family of plants related to carrots, celery, and parsley. It can grow up to 3 feet (1 meter) tall and produce flowers and a […]