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News of Star Anise

Star anise powder – An indispensable spice in many dishes

Famous as an indispensable spice in many dishes. It will be a huge mistake if the cook “miss” to add star anise powder to the dish. In addition, this is also known as a healthy herb and brings high economic value. Star anise powder – An indispensable spice in many dishes To enjoy a delicious […]

Star anise essential oils repel mosquitoes and be a strong air bactericide

The reason for an effective mosquito repellent of star anise essential oil is due to the fact that it has extremely high bactericidal properties. As long as there is a jar of star anise seed essential oil, no mosquito will disturb the sleep of your whole family. Mosquito repellent essential oil is commonly used by […]

Tips for treating the flu with star anise essential oil

Whenever we get sick or catch the flu, we often take antibiotics to get better soon. However, overusing antibiotics can lead to resistance to bacteria.  Therefore, patients often have to change stronger antibiotics than the previous type if the disease does not mitigate. Currently, there are a few people who have developed resistance to all […]

Women should not miss this 4 effects of star anise essential oil

Star anise, also known as star anise seed, octagonal incense, known as a precious medicine that nature offers. Since ancient times, people have used star anise to spice in cooking, healing … Nowadays, when the scientific technology of developing anise has been refined into  oil, it has a higher value, especially in beauty. The following […]

6 facts about star anise essential oil you need to know

The trend of using star anise essential oil for beauty and health care has increased dramatically in recent times. Extracts completely natural, 100% benign to the body, star anise is a precious gift that is popular with many people. However, how star anise oil is produced, how to use it to achieve the highest efficiency, […]

Star anise – Material for Tamiflu producing

1. Overview Star anise has an average height, about 2 – 6m high, with a straight, large stem, straight, young greenish color after turning gray. Flowers grow solitary in leaf axils, white petals on the outside, pink on the inside. Star anise seed (popularly referred to as star anise) consists of 6-8 large wings, sometimes […]

Star anise and cinnamon – Precious gifts from nature

Nature always contains countless miracles, the more you discover, the more you will feel passionate. Star anise and cinnamon are two heavenly gifts, their effects in daily life will make you surprised. 1. Star anise and cinnamon – Indispensable spices With a passionate aroma, pungent seductive taste, cinnamon and star anise are used popularly in […]

Star anise in Lang Son

In August, when the weather began to turn to dry, the families growing star anise in Lang Son are ready to be in the harvest season of star anise – a specialty known for its good quality of essential oils and typical aroma. Referring to Lang Son is mentioning star anise products. Lang Son star […]

Star anise – a natural cosmetic for women

This useful herb can take your beauty to the next wonderful level! Star anise has many cosmetic benefits for women which include promoting soft, smooth and radiant skin while providing immediate prevention from spots, acne and sensitive skin.  To easily apply to the skin, it is best to use star anise oil. Applying star anise […]

Differentiate star anise and mountain star anise – a poison tree

Overview of mountain star anise: According to the Vietnamese medicinal plants and herbs document, the mountain star anise, also known as Faux badianier, has scientific name Illicium Griffith Hook. et Thoms, belong to the Islamic family Alliaceae. Mountain star anise is a tree of the Far East, mainly distributed in Indochina, Malaysia. In Vietnam, mountain […]