Oil of anise for fishing super easy

Oil of anise for fishing

Oil of anise for fishing is a life application that few people know. Besides the use of beauty, treatment support, room fragrance, anise is used as a fishing bait, only seasoned anglers are familiar with it.

In the era of growing society, the pressure of work is increasing. Fishing has become an activity to relax, clear the spirit for those who want to be in harmony with nature and love the silence.

To catch fish, anglers must have the necessary experience and skills. And especially to know how to listen. Join VNUP to search 4 types of bait using star anise to help you get a big harvest after each fishing trip, “baby victory”.


Why should you use  the oil of anise for fishing” ?

Anise is one of the Top 10 regional specialties that nature bestows on Vietnam. This product is considered a treasure of the people of Lang. Because people often know star anise vietnamese as a spice to create an attractive dish. Especially indispensable in traditional dishes such as pho, curry, stew, cooking. Folk also consider anise essential oil as a valuable medicine to prevent and support the treatment of a number of diseases. For women, anise essential oil is an effective skin-friendly natural cosmetic.

The application of the oil of anise for fishing is still relatively new to many people. However, for a long time, local people have used anise as a special kind of hearing to attract fish when fishing.

According to those with long-term fishing experience, it is the special scent of anise that attracts fish. This fragrance has the ability to spread very far and is strong in water. Even fish hundreds of meters away can still smell the scent and move in the direction of the scent.

Oil of anise for fishing

Four ways to use the oil of anise for fishing is very sensitive 

According to experienced anglers, after using anise as bait, they do not want to use any other type of hearing.

How to make oil of anise for fishing bait #1 – Anise makes super easy fishing bait

How to make oil of anise for fishing 1

make oil of anise for fishing 1

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Rice wine
  • The soaked rice has sprouted
  • Cold rice
  • Corn bran
  • Anise oil


Implementation process

Proceed to mix the prepared ingredients and incubate them for about 5 days. After 5 days, the hearing smelled and started to ferment. You add incubated screws separately (to avoid stinky snails, only incubate for about 2 days). And incubate this mixture for 2 more days.

Before going fishing, you need to add crushed roasted anise wings, crushed roasted peanuts, and boiled sweet potatoes with burnt skin. Fish lures can also be added. The finished ear will be slightly mushy and have a thick yellow color.

This type of fishing bait anise is classified as a killer of carp.


How to make oil of anise for fishing bait # 2

Oil of anise for fishing picture

make oil of anise for fishing 2

Similar to how to make bait No. 1. For this bait, the key ingredient still needs to use anise flowers.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Golden anise petals, finely ground
  • Cat food bag
  • Soybean meal
  • Steamed diced carrots
  • Crumb
  • Rice bran

Implementation process

You should refer to the most reasonable way to divide the ratio of ingredients from experienced people. Just mix them all together and add some pork broth. Then incubate overnight and you have an excellent bait. The right bait with favorable weather will help you have a successful fishing session.

How to make oil of anise for fishing bait # 3

Anise is the best fishing bait when combined with other traditional medicines. This is a way of making bait that very few people know about. However, this is the secret of generations of professional fishermen.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • anise oil
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Licorice, jujube
  • Dried coriander seeds

Implementation process

After preparing all the ingredients, bring all these ingredients to a boil. When they come out, just put the hearing and sprouts in and incubate overnight. Completing this step is almost complete bait.

Before going fishing, just add some fresh rice bran to make the bait as thick as you want. This will definitely be a “fish killer” for true anglers.


How to make oil of anise for fishing bait # 4

How to make oil of anise for fishing 4

make oil of anise for fishing 4

Ingredients oil of anise for fishing

  • Rice
  • Star anise powder or star anise oil
  • Cinnamon stick

Steps to take

Mix the three prepared ingredients together and then roast them. Then pour the mixture into the drained shell cracker screw. Let stand for about 1 hour, then continue to add soaked rice and soaked corn kernels. Paddy soaked separately for 3 days to swell the kernels and pre-soaked corn 5-7 days. Mix well until well combined and let stand for about 4 hours. To increase the attractiveness of the listener, before the sentence, you should add a kneeler. However, this hearing is only particularly effective and attractive with carp species.

In addition, you should wait about 30 minutes for the fish to get drunk before fishing. Just follow the correct steps to make anise as fishing bait above, you will easily have a bucket full of fish.

Principles when using anise as fishing bait

Using anise as fishing bait is highly effective and there are many ways to do it. But productivity will drop dramatically if you miss one of these principles:

The first principle in the recipe oil of anise for fishing bait

Fishing bait with anise is an important ingredient. However, other ingredients are also needed. Do not omit any of the ingredients in the above recipes. Because it will reduce the attractiveness to fish.

The second principle in the recipe oil of anise for fishing bait

When mixing bait mixture, it is necessary to have a reasonable mixing ratio of ingredients. Should refer to the experience of many years of fishing. To avoid the taste of the ingredients overpowering each other.

The third principle in the recipe oil of anise for fishing bait

The third rule when making fishing lures is the incubation time of the ingredients. The incubation of ingredients must be at the correct time in the recipe. Because if the incubation time is “young”, the ingredients are not “soaked” enough to have the most attractive aroma of fish. And vice versa, if it is incubated for too long, it will cause the hearing to be “browned” and have an unpleasant smell.

Bait suitable for provinces

Due to the characteristics of geography, climate, water sources of each region. Along with that is the growth and development behavior of fish that the use of anise as bait also has its own characteristics. However, these characteristics do not significantly affect the quality of anise bait.

Experience drawn for archers in different provinces. Those who are used to other types of bait do not necessarily need to completely switch to using anise bait according to a different recipe.

Because this bait method can be suitable for this area but not suitable for other areas. May be suitable for fishing in freshwater but may not be suitable for fishing in brackish or saltwater.

The best way is to keep the old taste and add a little anise to make a better fish bait.

Anise is also used to drop nets, catch shrimp, shrimp, and small fish.

Anise flower is also likened to a real fish bait, cypress cypress hit. In the countryside of Lang, locals often mix bran with roasted star anise and use it as bait.

Specifically, when they go to drop nets, they sprinkle hearing around the net area to lure fish. The smell of anise is so attractive that fish hundreds of miles away still come together to find bait. The next day, when I went to collect the net, I had a cool look.

In some rural areas in the delta provinces, people often use anise flowers as bait when they go to hide their hooves. Hearing from anise is extremely effective, appreciated more than other types of hearing.

People liken the scent of Whole Star Anise Autumn to being like having an addictive substance. When dropped into the water, the scent is long-soluble in water and spreads over a very large area. Therefore, fish pull together the whole flock to find food.

Moreover, some people also believe that once the fish is addicted to this type of hearing, another person goes to put their hooves in the nearby area, but the fish does not enter but only goes to the place where there is anise hearing. That is the secret of the builders that they rarely share.

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