Star anise helps fight flu and many other great health benefits

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1. Anti-oxidation:

Star anise is a great source of antioxidants thanks to linalool and vitamin C. The reason for the need for antioxidants is that they help protect us from cell damage caused by exposure to free radicals and environmental toxins.
These free radicals can cause premature aging, as well as put you at risk for serious illnesses like heart disease or cancer.
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2. Anti-fungus:

One of the biggest benefits of star anise is its ability to cope with common yeast infections and yeast infections like Candida Albicans. Candida is a fungus that naturally occurs in the throat, mouth, intestines, and genitals.
This yeast usually doesn’t pose a problem, but the balance of bacteria can be problematic when your immune system is weakened for a number of reasons. When this happens, an increase in candida cysts occurs leading to a serious infection called candidiasis.
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3. Anti-bacteria:

The antibacterial properties of many natural herbs and plants have been placed under a microscope and researchers have begun to see the antimicrobial potential of star anise.
In a study published in 2010, Taiwanese researchers found that four antimicrobial compounds derived from anise were highly effective against nearly 70 strains of resistant bacteria. This led the researchers to conclude that the compounds in star anise could be developed into a form of antibiotic in the future.

4. Anti-flu:

Star anise is the best natural source of shikimic acid used in the anti-flu medicine Tamiflu.
An Italian study published in 2011 examined the effects of Shikimic acid on the immune system on influenza and other viral infections. The effect of shikimic acid in combination with quercetin is to enhance immune function and help protect the body against viral infections such as influenza.
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5. Relief of joint pain and swelling:

When applied to the skin, star anise essential oil is an excellent treatment for rheumatic and back pain patients, combined with massage as directed by a doctor.
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6. Improve digestion:

Star anise is an indispensable spice to cook pho, mixed with tea, especially in Southeast Asian countries and China. Star anise is also used to treat conditions such as gas, indigestion, bloating, and constipation. It is best to drink tea after a meal.

7. Treatment of sleep disorders:

Star anise has mild sedative properties to help stabilize nerves and sleep well. If you have trouble sleeping, try a cup of soothing star anise tea before going to bed.
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8. Lightly burning essential oil indoors in winter helps the space become tranquil, dispel fatigue.

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9. Cough cure:

Star anise tea is a great natural remedy for relieving coughing and sore throat. Instructions for making star anise tea as below and drink 1-3 times per day, after meals:
– Boil water into a teapot
– Put the star anise seeds in the teapot and let it sit for 15 minutes
– Pour tea into the cup, can add honey
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10. The special spices:

You can crush star anise and mix with other spices such as cloves, cumin seeds, cinnamon, and Sichuan peppercorns to marinate into dishes, hot pot broth and other foods.

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