Star Anise in Indian Cuisine – Curry, the Soul of Indian Cuisine


The characteristic of Indian cuisine is firstly reflected in the harmonious combination of spices, laurel and star anise in recipe for example. Each region, each area in India has different dishes using assorted spices in order to create their own characteristics.


Indian cuisine


The specialties in the dishes of North India are shown through the harmonious use of ingredients such as milk, butter, yogurt.  The sauce is an indispensable part of Indian (or Tamil) food. Besides, other ingredients that are used regularly such as chili, turmeric, and nuts are also regularly used in Indian cuisine.

Ingredients in India Cuisine
Ingredients in India Cuisine

The way of eating by hand makes Indian cuisine becomes even more unique, thereby leading to a clear difference in the way of cooking from other countries. Rice and flour are the two main Indian foods and are considered the main dish in daily meals. The Indians often cook rice-related dishes as follows: rice will be stir-fried with oil or butter before adding water to cook and when the rice is about to be cooked, the Indians will add a little pepper, cumin seeds, or cinnamon.


Star anise in the richness of Indian cuisine


For the people of India, spices are considered indispensable factors to create the best dish. For example, flour made from corn, barley, and beans has the effect of thickening food, curry leaves (usually in the form of fresh leaves, dried or pureed into flour) to create a characteristic aroma for Indian cuisine.

In addition, there are many spices in the form of liquid that also help to create the fragrance, which is usually extracted from herbs such as laurel, star anise, cardamom, pistachios, cloves. Meanwhile, spices in the form of powders usually made from fruits such as coconut, tamarind, mango are often used to create sour, spicy, fatty flavors. One thing to note in the making of Indian food is that before being used to season food, spices are always roasted to dry so that the aroma is rich and long-lasting.


Spices are an indispensable factor in the dishes of the Indians. Indians use a lot of spices to stimulate taste, smell, and decorate as well. A delicious dish is a combination of dozens of spices in one dish and to save time, the Indians will pack the spices into small packages for a particular dish. Usually, they often dry the herbs and then crush them into sets to facilitate the cooking and preserve them for a long time.

Garam Masala

 Garam Masala
Garam Masala

Fruits and seeds such as star anise, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, garlic can also be mixed together into synthetic spices called Masala. Curry is one of the most popular synthetic spices in this country.


Considered the soul of Indian cuisine, curry has long been an indispensable dish in Indian meals. There are many different types of curry such as egg curry, seafood curry, chicken curry, dried cabbage curry, vegetable curry … Each dish has its own unique flavor by using different ingredients such as vegetables, special spices, and star anise in particular which make attractive dishes like Masala eggplant, chicken curry, medium spicy Korma curry, or very spicy like curry Vindaloo, Kadhai.  Biryani and Pulau rice are two types of rice commonly used to eat with curry.


Indian cuisine is unique. If you have a chance, let’s try and experience these wonderful dishes for once!

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