Star anise in Malaysian cuisine

Star anise in Malaysia cuisine

Malaysia is a culinary paradise with a number of delicious dishes from different cultures such as China, India, Singapore, Thailand. A trip to Kuala Lumpur is also considered an ideal “food tour” with many unique dishes and bustling culinary areas. What to eat in Kuala Lumpur? In the article below, we will send you the most detailed culinary map in Kuala Lumpur for an unforgettable “food tour” and how Star anise in Malaysian cuisine.

Malaysian cuisine

Being less sophisticated as Japan, as delicate as Korean, nor as colorful as China, Malaysian cuisine still attracts visitors by its very own features with unique cooking recipes and flavors.

In Malaysia, most dishes have a familiar and characteristic curry flavor, the rich aroma when mixed with coconut milk. The dishes, especially rice-related ones, bread, and noodles are placed on banana leaves instead of plastic boxes which is interesting and environment-friendly. One of the outstanding dishes of Malaysian cuisine is Bakkutteh.

Bakkutteh Soup

Star anise in Malaysian cuisine

Bakkutteh is also known by another name as the rib with tea. This is a familiar Malaysian breakfast. A bowl of bakkutteh will have pork ribs stewed with herbs such as onions, garlic, cinnamon, especially star anise. In addition, Malaysian also add mushrooms, fried tofu, or vegetables to make the dish more flavourful.

Bak kut teh

Along with the “main character” of the dish is the pork rib, depending on the store and personal taste, you can also add Bakuteh with other types of offal besides mushrooms, choy sum (a vegetable in Malaysia), and a piece of tofu.

Almost Malaysia agrees that the best place to enjoy Bakuteh is Yik See Ho restaurant, which locates in the neighboring areas of the Pudu fresh food market. This is a favorite destination to enjoy Bakuteh for people in Kuala Lumpur in particular and Malaysian people in general.


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