Star anise in Thai New Year cuisine – 3 Days

Star anise in Thai New Year cuisine

Thailand is a country that not only owns many beautiful natural landscapes and unique cultures in the world but also has irresistible food recipes, and star anise in Thai is also.


Thailand’s New Year Day


Every April, Thai people celebrate the traditional New Year or called Songkran Tet. Tet, which takes place from April 13-15, is one of the biggest festivals of the people in the land of Golden Temple where many celebrations taking place annually.


On the occasion of Tet, Thai people also make a lot of traditional food and put on colorful outfits. If you have a chance to visit Thailand on the occasion of Tet, you should enjoy the Thai rice tray. Each region will have its own dishes with many unique nuances of Asian cuisine with 3 main flavors: sour – spicy-sweet, especially most impressive is the Thai curry.


Thai Curry and Star anise in Thai New Year cuisine


This is the typical dishes in Thailand’s meals on Tet. Thai curry does not smell too cinnamon and star anise but has a slight aroma of coconut milk along with many other ingredients such as bamboo shoots, eggplant, lime leaves, green peppers, garlic and galangal onions then cooked with seafood or beef.


This dish is very diverse in ingredients and recipes, but the secret to bringing that attraction is the star anise. so the curry has a very strange aroma but still retains the taste of vegetables. If you are a spicy-lover, choose a red curry and in contrast,  green curry is for those who eat less spicy.


In addition, Thai cuisine also has other famous dishes such as son tam, tom yum, Thai hot pot …


Thai cuisine is unique, If you have a chance, let’s try and experience these wonderful dishes for once!


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