Star anise powder – An indispensable spice in many dishes

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Famous as an indispensable spice in many dishes. It will be a huge mistake if the cook “miss” to add star anise powder to the dish. In addition, this is also known as a healthy herb and brings high economic value.

Star anise powder – An indispensable spice in many dishes

To enjoy a delicious dish must be full of spices. The preciousness of spice is considered by the chefs as the “companion” in the process of making food. How to add spice to your dish – it is an art!
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For example, beef vermicelli will lose its taste if it is not spicy. Noodles will be pale without shrimp sauce. Chicken salad will not be chicken salad without laksa leaves … Each dish comes with a typical spice. When it comes to that dish, the spice becomes a symbol, making it easier for us to visualize the dish.
Similarly, anise powder is also a precious and typical spice in many dishes. The dish will be more attractive, more delicious if adding some star anise powder. Because when enjoying food, what impress eaters are not only the deliciousness but also the unforgettable experience after enjoying it.
Made of natural star anise, anise powder has a  flavor like licorice, compared to anise. We often encounter the taste of anise in famous five-spice powder. Star anise powder is used in broth for pho, potential, security, stew, or curry dishes. More anise flavor, more nutritious and more aroma the food is.
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Or just familiar dishes such as duck legs, the beef tail will be more flavorful with anise powder. Besides, adding star anise powder to the appetizers, the desserts also help the meal more attractive.
When you show off your talent to make chicken feet, braised chicken wings is absolutely not to be forgotten. The dish will be more appealing and heart-warming to eat when there is star anise powder. This recipe is quite simple.

Materials to prepare:

Chicken wings/chicken feet (enough for 2 people to eat).
Hồi Star anise, star anise, cinnamon and green onion
Soy sauce, paprika, sugar, ginger, dry onions.



Step 1: Wash the chicken wings / chicken legs clean and dry. Use a knife to cut out many small edges, to help absorb the spice quickly.

Step 2: Put a layer of cooking oil on the pan, then put the chicken wings into the golden frying pan on both sides. While waiting for the yellow chicken, cut the ginger into thin slices, crushed cinnamon, wash the stems.

Step 3: Spread a layer of green onions on the pan and fry the chicken wings/chicken legs. Then put the chicken wings / chicken legs on top.

Step 4: Finally, add ginger, cinnamon star anise, star anise powder, paprika, sugar, soy sauce, pepper and start to simmer with low heat until the juice is viscous. When the water becomes thick, turn off the heat and place the chicken on a plate.

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Not only is the spice, star anise powder is also an effective medical treatment

Besides being a precious spice, this material is also an effective panacea. Using star anise powder is not only good for your health, but also the top 1 beauty ingredient for many women.
In Oriental medicine, star anise powder has a spicy, moderate taste, spleen and kidney. Has the effect on spleen, appetizer, used to treat vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distention full, detoxification of fish meat. Flower powder restores liqueur, makes essential oil, makes anethol is a synthetic material for hormones.
At the same time, it has the effect of assisting in good digestion, reducing pain, reducing intestinal motility, used to support the treatment of vomiting, indigestion, full stomach, cold stomach. In addition, using star anise powder works to treat aches, rheumatism, sprains.
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In particular, this is also a very good beauty powder for the skin, nourishing healthy skin. Star anise essential oil is a favorite for women because of its charming, passionate aroma. Moreover, anise essential oil has high antibacterial properties, so it protects the skin very well. Also inhibits the growth of tuberculosis bacteria and many other bacteria, should be used as an antiseptic, antifungal skin and scabies.
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A few ways to use star anise to treat diseases

Treat flu: Take 2 grams of star anise powder with alcohol, 3-4 times a day.

Cure bad breath: Suck in anise several times a day.

Backache: Each phase 6-10 grams of star anise with alcohol to drink. Wormwood leaves can be applied hot outside.
Urinary incontinence: Aniseed powder and morning glory as small canopy every time drinking 4 grams with ginger water.
To have the best effect when using, you should apply the right treatment, the right method, as well as buy in the places that ensure prestige and quality. It can be seen that the value of extraction from star anise powder is not small, so it is easy to understand when the price of this material is quite expensive

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