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Star Anise Recipes

Cooking recipes with Star anise

People use star anise seed in alcohol to massage skin, star anise leaves use snake bite, star anise is also a spice for delicious and attractive dishes. Here are some dishes with star anise, you refer to it! 1. Squid steamed with star anise and wine   Prepare materials: – Fresh squid: 250g – Aromatic […]

Chicken stew with star anise

The way chicken is stewed with star anise shows the most typical features of Hanoi cuisine. Carefully marinated chicken pieces and star anise flavor permeate into each stewed chicken fiber.   1. Ingredients for making star anise chicken stew Star anise 4 pieces. 15 ml of rice wine. Chicken 1 chicken. Salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar. […]

The combination of Star anise and Pho – the traditional flavor

Referring to Vietnam, it is sure to mention Vietnamese flavorful pho. All the way to Vietnam, from luxurious restaurants or sidewalk restaurants, a steaming bowl of pho are indispensable dishes on the menu. Pho is loved by the softness, the rich taste of the broth and the quintessence of the ingredients. Although Pho is not […]

Top 3 attractive delicious dishes with star anise

1. Braised chicken with star anise Braised chicken is a familiar dish in every meal of the Vietnamese family. To help the dish has a special and unique taste, star anise is an indispensable spice.  Ingredients: – Star anise: 8 – 10 flowers – Chicken: 500g – Shallots: 2 bulbs – Garlic: 5 branches – […]