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Features of star anise – a treasure of Lang Son locals

Lang Son star anise is considered by many people to be a valuable product of Lang country, recognized as a geographical indication of the province, a pride when it affirms its position in the marketplace. 1. Name Star anise also is known as Great Anise, Octagonal incense, Great anise, Anise star, Anise 8 wings. The […]

How to preserve the star anise at the best quality

According to star anise farmers in Van Quan district (Lang Son), star anise is a specialty of Lang and is the main crop of the local people. For generations, star anise has been feeding for many families. In the memories of the locals, star anise is familiar like the companion of his life. Because their […]

Star anise in Lang Son

In August, when the weather began to turn to dry, the families growing star anise in Lang Son are ready to be in the harvest season of star anise – a specialty known for its good quality of essential oils and typical aroma. Referring to Lang Son is mentioning star anise products. Lang Son star […]