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Beauty therapies with Star anise

Star anise has a scientific name is lllicium verum or also has many different names such as star anise seed, agarwood, or octagonal repatriates,  originated from China. The mature tree is from 6 to 10 meters high, with large straight branches and staggered leaves. Dual fruits are star-shaped and are usually harvested around June-September. This […]

Answer questions about star anise essential oil

1. Is star anise essential oil good? With all-natural ingredients, standard production processes, and thorough research and good results, we confirm the excellent quality of star anise essential oil products. Products will bring great experience to you. 2. Does star anise oil have side effects? There have been no reports of any unexpected effects on […]

Star anise essential oils repel mosquitoes and be a strong air bactericide

The reason for an effective mosquito repellent of star anise essential oil is due to the fact that it has extremely high bactericidal properties. As long as there is a jar of star anise seed essential oil, no mosquito will disturb the sleep of your whole family. Mosquito repellent essential oil is commonly used by […]

Tips for treating the flu with star anise essential oil

Whenever we get sick or catch the flu, we often take antibiotics to get better soon. However, overusing antibiotics can lead to resistance to bacteria.  Therefore, patients often have to change stronger antibiotics than the previous type if the disease does not mitigate. Currently, there are a few people who have developed resistance to all […]

How to make star anise oil at home ?

Making star anise oil is actually not complicated as many people think. This process only requires a bit of dexterity and skill, the important thing that you also need is time and passion. To make it easier for you to imagine, we will explore together how to make star anise oil from simple materials (including […]