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Vietnam successfully extracted shikimic acid from star anise

Experts at the Institute of Chemistry of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have successfully studied the process of extracting shikimic acid from star anise to synthesize oseltamivir. If Roche has not yet granted a production concession to Vietnam, Vietnam will trade shikimic acid – the main ingredient of oseltamivir – for Tamiflu. Dr. Nguyen […]

Chicken stew with star anise

The way chicken is stewed with star anise shows the most typical features of Hanoi cuisine. Carefully marinated chicken pieces and star anise flavor permeate into each stewed chicken fiber.   1. Ingredients for making star anise chicken stew Star anise 4 pieces. 15 ml of rice wine. Chicken 1 chicken. Salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar. […]

Star anise – a natural ingredient in bad breath treatment

Star anise has long been regarded as a folk medicine that can cure many diseases. Many people also use star anise cure bad breath. So how true this story is, let’s find out in this article. 1. Where does bad breath come from?   There are many causes of bad breath, from yourself and from […]

What is Star anise? 4 benefits of star anise seeds

1. General information about star anise Star Anise seed is a spice made from the fruit of anise that originated from China. It tastes almost like licorice. Anise is known not only for its unique flavor in the field of cuisine but also for its medicinal benefits. 2. Nutrition ingredients in star anise seeds Some […]

Star anise powder – The miracle gift of nature

Star anise powder is mostly used in cuisine. This is the main ingredient in the most 5 common spices and the indispensable marinated spices in every kitchen. In addition, chefs also use star anise to marinate meats such as sheep, goats, cows, ducks, etc. to deodorize the fishy smell. In the process of frying, stir-frying, […]

What is Star anise used for ?

1. The dish cooked with star anise Star anise flavor always has a specific aroma that makes the dish more attractive. How to use star anise in cooking is disseminated by a lot of housewives by the unique aroma as well as the wonderful effects of this herb. Star anise is a spice that cannot […]

The benefits of star anise in improving health

1. Relieve flatulence Star anise is one of the herbs that helps to overcome flatulence best. You can boil several bunches of star anise with 2 cups of water/milk for 15 minutes. Strain the water, let it cool and enjoy. Star anise perfume can also be used to relieve colic in babies.       […]

An overview of the Star Anise – One of the best medicinal herbs

About star anise Star anise is a small, evergreen tree with a height of 6–8m, possibly higher than 10m. The branches are straight, smooth with the color is pale green, later turning brownish gray. The leaves are staggered, but they could be clustered in young nodes like a round, lanceolate or ovoid leaves, short stalks. […]