Tips for treating the flu with star anise essential oil

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Whenever we get sick or catch the flu, we often take antibiotics to get better soon. However, overusing antibiotics can lead to resistance to bacteria.  Therefore, patients often have to change stronger antibiotics than the previous type if the disease does not mitigate.
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Currently, there are a few people who have developed resistance to all antibiotics, meaning that no medicine can be cured because of abuse antibiotics. Therefore, the use of benign pharmaceuticals is necessary which can ensure human health for a long time.
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Curing flu with star anise oil is highly recommended by a lot of people. According to scientists, in star anise essential oil has powerful antibacterial. Meanwhile, the flu is the result of bacteria causing allergies, rhinitis lasting.
In particular, star anise essential oil can also help relieve alcohol in drunk people. Besides, essential oils cure flu very well. According to traditional medicine, star anise essential oil is warm, when rubbed into the acupuncture points on the body, essential oils will penetrate and body, unclog the meridians, pushing toxic gas out of the body. Therefore, it has a cooling effect, prevents sudden death in drunkenness.

Treating flu with star anise essential oil:

Star anise essential oil is as hot as ginger, so it can help your body minimize sneezing symptoms, runny nose due to cold air or the wind and the weather.

Method 1: Massage the body with anise essential oil

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The method is very simple. You only need to add 2-3 drops of pure star anise essential oil to the base oil. Alternatively, you can put in the same wind oil. Then rub on the temples, cast palms, cast feet to heat. Use the essential oil to massage about 20 minutes to infuse the oil into the body.

Method 2: Nasal discharge:

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Cure flu with star anise essential oil with the method of nosebleed is widely used. Just a few drops of essential oil, mix with hot water and put it into the nebulizer. If you do not have an inhaler, put the anise oil in a cup of hot water and inhale it directly.
This method is especially good for cases of sneezing, runny nose.

Method 3: Mix essential oil to drink


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Mix 4 drops of star anise essential oil in warm water, drink 3-4 times a day. Star anise essential oil eliminates toxic welding, has a very high bactericidal effect, especially a virus
To treat the flu with star anise seed oil effectively, you need to use pure star anise essential oil, avoiding the use of quality star anise essential oils. Using impure oils not only does not bring the desired effect but also can affect health.
Product quality is of clear origin. You should see which essential oil it is, has it been tested, and also must have anti-counterfeiting stamps.
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