What is Tamiflu and its 3 benefits?

what is tamiflu

What is Tamiflu? Tamiflu (the active ingredient oseltamivir phosphate) is antiviral to treats flu, which works through the attack of causing the flu, prevents them from multiplying in the patient’s body, and helps to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

What is Tamiflu?

When influenza A H5N1 occurred in 2019, the phenomenon of many people looking to buy Tamiflu made drugs become scarce. In recent days, before the Covid-19 pandemic, once again, this drug has attracted much attention.

Many people even buy pre-purchased Tamiflu to store in the house. However, overuse of Tamiflu will also lead to a decrease in susceptibility or resistance to the influenza virus to neuraminidase inhibitors, which may make flu become more and more dangerous for humans.

what is tamiflu benefit

Tamiflu is the brand name for an antiviral drug called oseltamivir, approved by the FDA for circulation. Oseltamivir is a neuraminidase inhibitor that prevents influenza viruses from replicating and releasing them out of cells. These drugs are effective for both flu, influenza A, and NCoV. The drug works to treat and prevent influenza in people who have been in contact with sick people without symptoms. Tamiflu can help shorten the time of flu by about 1 day, reduce the incidence of influenza in the prevention of seasonal flu. However, the effect of the drug is only effective when used early, within 48 hours of the first symptoms appear. If used late, the drug will not only have no therapeutic effect but also increase drug resistance.

Effects of Tamiflu

The use of Tamiflu to treat influenza is still controversial so far. A 2014 review of available trial data concluded that oseltamivir did not reduce the number of people hospitalized with the flu or those experiencing complications. The side effects of the drug can include vomiting, diarrhea, headache, insomnia, and convulsions, etc. Health experts also warn the overuse of Tamiflu will cause many negative influences on health and especially increase drug resistance.

1. Tamiflu used to treat Corona / Covid19 / nCov / SARS-CoV-2 virus

According to Decision 125-BYT of the Ministry of Health on guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of nCoV, there is currently no specific treatment for Coronavirus. Current drugs are only used to support symptomatic treatment of diseases caused by Coronavirus such as cough, fever, electrolyte disorders, pneumonia, kidney failure.

2. Tamiflu in the treatment of flu

tamiflu effect vietnam star anise

Tamiflu is indicated for the treatment of influenza in adults and children including term infants (with influenza virus type A and type B). Tamiflu is also used to prevent influenza in adults and children 1 year of age and older. However, this medication does not replace vaccination with the appropriate influenza vaccine.

3. Tamiflu in the treatment of influenza AH5N1 In Vietnam

Influenza A viruses can be spread easily from person to person in the same way that flu is spread through the air containing tiny droplets of water when an infected person coughs, sneezes, laughs, or talks. An infected person can also become infected with the influenza virus by touching contaminated objects, used tissues, and then touching their nose, mouth, or eyes. Sharing utensils, drinking glasses, or toothbrushes with sick people can also spread the influenza A virus.

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