Where to buy Star anise in Viet Nam?

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Where star anise is sold with the best quality, worth the money, the effect as expected initially is the concern of the majority of consumers today. The effect of star anise would be affected much if consumers cannot find a truly prestigious supply.
The tiny star anise can bring a lot of benefits in life: helping the dish to be more rounded, helping your skin fresher, protecting the health of the whole family. However, on the market today is full of locations selling star anise, so fake mixed which causing consumers bewilderment. To buy true quality restoration you should look to buy at the following locations:

1. Lang Son

Lang Son is famous for its hometown of star anise flowers. Compared with star anise in China and star anise imported from other provinces, Lang Son star anise has much better quality, due to the particularly suitable climate and soil of Lang Son. Star anise is a soil-loving, nutrient-dense, shade-tolerant tree species that needs to be grown in a well-drained place. With the advantage of a cool year-round climate, feralite soil, Lang Son has become the largest exporting province in the country.
Therefore, if you are wondering where is the most reputable star anise, you should buy it directly in Lang Son. The people of Lang have had many generations of planting, processing and preserving. You will buy the best quality anise. On the other hand, due to purchasing directly from households, the household is quite cheap. The downside of this purchase is that you have to buy in bulk, labor and transportation. So if you want to go to Lang Son to buy when you should find common buyers to get the best price.
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2. Look for star anise at an official distributor

Currently, there are quite a lot of agents and businesses that have found Lang land to apply for official distribution agents. You can look to these agents to purchase. Referrals from friends, forum pages, social networks, the internet, etc. will be a useful tool to help you connect quickly and easily to the distribution facilities. For added certainty, you can check out the official business registration certificate, the star anise seed distributor’s official distributor in Lang of the seller. The advantage of this approach is convenient, fast, but the price is a bit higher than direct purchasing and does not really guarantee 100% quality. In addition, star anise distribution system in Vietnam is still not complete, if you are in a small town or small cities, it is still difficult to find star anise.
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3. Traditional Chinese medicine stores

Another suggestion if you are struggling with the question of where star anise seed can be trusted, look to traditional Chinese medicine stores. Star anise is a precious medicine in traditional medicine, so this is an indispensable item in these familiar stores. Due to many years of experience, the seller is often very adept at selecting the retrieval. Normally, the sale here is of very good quality, imported from Lang Son itself. However, you should choose a reputable, trustworthy store. The advantages and disadvantages of this place of purchase are relatively similar to those purchased at an official agent: convenient, fast but higher than the direct purchase.
Purchasing star anise is not a simple task because apart from choosing where to buy. You must also be able to choose an option. If you have a little time, want to buy star anise for long-term use, you should buy star anise oil – a preparation of star anise. Compared to dried star anise, star anise essential oil has a more concentrated essence, which is more convenient and easier to carry around. Currently, there are many Vietnamese enterprises who have purchased star anise from Lang and put the production line into star anise oil production. You can find out and buy at really reputable facilities. High-quality star anise essential oil will have a light yellow color, strong characteristic aroma, the longer it aromatic, the better the effect. You should note this to find essential oils in the most prestigious place.
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The use of cosmetic chemicals is convenient, quick-acting but very easy to cause allergies, many chemical components. Therefore, a lot of consumers are now turning to products with natural extracts. Star anise essential oil and star anise are the products that receive the most trust because they are good for health, beauty, and do not cause side effects.

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